The True Meaning of 420?

I was contacted by Rob over at 420 Magazine a couple weeks ago regarding the real true meaning of 420. He was contacted by a guy who knew the true origin and after some extensive research for verification purposed, he uncovered the truth.

The Bebe, and the Birth of 420

It all started at 4:20 in the afternoon, on a Saturday in October 1970. A comical stoner named Brad Bann (The Bebe) and his friends (The Bebes) were getting ready for a bong session when The Bebe uttered the following immortalized words, “It’s 4:20, time for bong loads”.

After getting high, Bebe started using the number 420 in various comical ways, including an Abraham Lincoln saying “4 score and 20 years ago…”. 420 then became a neighborhood code to use in front of non-stoners and parents.

420 wasn’t initially intended as a time to smoke, it was designated as the actual time of inception. Basically the Bebe looked at the clock at the same time as he was about to hit a bong and that exact time became internationally known. From this moment on the Bebes and many others (The Waldo’s) used 420 as a time to get high.

What about the Waldo’s?

Previous to the story of the bebe, the Waldo’s took the claim to fame coining 420. Apparently the Waldos’s and the Bebe’s knew each other from San Rafael High School back in the early 70’s. For years it was thought that the Waldo’s coined 420 as a time to meet and smoke by the Louis Pasteur statue near the school.

After a serious of interviews by Rob Griffin (420 Magazine) he has uncovered the truth about 420; Brad Bann (Bebe) did indeed coin it, and the Waldo’s spread it to their credit.

For more information on the origin of 420, check out the article in 420 Magazine.

Author: TheNeeper

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  1. To me anytime is a good time. It is a nice story, but is it true?

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  2. After Rob Griffen did some digging and interviews some folks, it seems like this may be the true origin of 420.

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  3. If you think about time zones: it is always 4:20 somewhere on the planet…

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    • Technically speaking, it would have to be 20 minutes after the hour :) Although yes, it is always 4:20 somewhere!

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  4. Always thought it was a cop code for potheads, like, ” We have a 420 in progress” lmfas

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  5. its insane how such an everyday moment like an inside meme between friends becomes an international symbol.

    Guess we outta start some ourselves, who knows maybe in 20 or 30 years it’ll be the new hip word to use.

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