Ready to Switch to LED Grow Lights?

Several years ago there was a lot of skepticism about growing and flowering with LEDs. The first LED grow lights were not only weak but were not designed properly to take you from seed to complete flowering. For several years growers disregarded LEDs until the last few years when LEDs proved themselves to be a great alternative to growing with traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs.

How to replace the 1000Watt HID with a LED grow light system.

There are some really good LED plant light companies on the market now who have done the research and designed high performance growing systems that not only give robust vegetative growth but high yield flowering results as well.  What is the best way to replace your 1000Watt HID system with LEDs? We take a look at the G8-600 from G8LED, the best priced grow light from the top brand names.

One G8-600 can easily cover 18 or more square feet of grow space so it is the ideal light to swap out against the 1000Watt HID lights.  When you use the LED system, you eliminate the need for a ballast. Since LEDs give off only 10% of the heat of an HID bulb you will not need an expensive heat venting system. You just plug in and are ready to grow. Since LEDs give off much less heat, you can control the temperature in your grow room better and do not need to water the plants as much.

You leave the G8-600 panel in the grow room for the entire grow from seedling through growth and flowering as well. When you want to start flowering, add two G8-90RR – 90 Watt Red UFO lights by hanging them right next to the main panel. Follow the recommended hanging distances for the grow lights.

Save money with LEDs

Since LED grow lights target the specific wavelengths of light necessary to grow, they are more efficient than HID and even CFL / T5 lights.  Most of the wasted energy from HID systems is given off as wasted heat. The G8-600 LED grow light will draw about 400watts of electricity, saving you about 600watts per hour. In one month that is over 200Kwatt hours during veg and 320Kwatt hours during flowering. That translates to about $60/month in electricity savings for just one light. Replace several of your HPS bulbs and the savings add up. The light completely pays for itself in the first year!

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