Marijuana 420 Affiliate Programs

So, I take it you’re looking for a good 420 affiliate program for your website? I’ve had experience with many marijuana affiliate programs over the last few years and can easily recommend a few that actually pay. I will list them below.

I’ve been running for over 10 years now, and I have learned how to make a few extra bucks from it. Affiliate programs are an excellent way to start. You can make a percentage of each sale when someone from your site clicks on a banner.

All you need to do is place a banner on your website. A good spot is the very top of each page, like you see on this website. If you have a page on your site about pipes, or bongs, be sure to include a banner which has a “Pipe” theme to it. Don’t fill your site with a ton of banners and things blinking and flashing, it will ultimately annoy the hell out of people and they’ll leave.

One of the big questions everyone is concerned about is, do they actually pay? I’ve always done my company research before, so I have an idea of the operation they are running. I also take a good look at the company’s website and ask yourself, “would I buy from them?”.

Vaporizer Affiliate Programs

Vapeworld’s affiliate program is pretty good, paying 15% on each sale you generate. Chad has always been very helpful to his affiliates and has a ton of banners available. Payouts happen around the end of the month for the previous month.

Growing Marijuana Affiliate Programs

So far Ryan Rileys Growing Elite Marijuana program has been doing well. He’s put together a great collection of books and his website kicks ass. I made a few sales and the payout was right on time, no problems at all! He also provides very quick responses to any questions you have.
how to grow a cannabis plant

Herbal Smoke Affiliate Programs

Herbal Smoke Shop
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Herbal Smoke shop is one of the biggest shops running. They pay out a HUGE 40% commission, and 50% for top affiliates. They seem to be adding banners daily. You’ll will find them on almost every Marijuana site around, but surprisingly the still convert well.

If you wish to recommend a Marijuana or Cannabis related Affiliate Program, please send an email to: [email protected]