Making Marijuana e-Juice

Marijuana eJuiceWe’ve all seen the recent switch many are making from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. With over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette, including 43 known cancer causing ingredients, the benefits to e-cigarettes are obvious.

While I have never been a cigarette smoker (I do like pipe tobacco however), I have seen and actually tried these little vapes – I like them!

So obviously I became curious if one could make marijuana e-juice (or e-liquid). After some online research, I found the answer is yes. I found some great resources which I will share below this article.

First step is creating a marijuana concentrate, while the second step involves mixing/dispersing the concentrate into the ejuice. The ejuice is basically the same type used in nicotine based ejuice, except its a heavier, higher quality propylene glycol (PG400) to suspend the psychoactive ingredients contained in marijuana.

Please note that I have not yet created marijuana eJuice, although wanted people to know its possible. If you have made marijuana ejuice, or follow one of the methods below, please comment on this post and let us know!

Marijuana eJuice Resources

Vaporblog has created a great resource to making marijuana eJuice. Some found his method for making marijuana concentrate left an undesirable plant-matter/chlorophyll taste. Alternatively you can use the QWISO (Quick Wash Isopropyl) Extraction method to produce a purer concentrate with less plant taste.

Advanced Cannabis e-liquid guide

QWISO (Quick Wash Isopropyl) Extraction Method

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