Effects of Marijuana

Effects of Marijuana

Onset 0-10 minutes
Coming Up 5-10 minutes
Plateau 15-30 minutes
Coming Down< 45-60 minutes
After Effects 30-60 minutes

The Effects of Smoking Marijuana are usually lighter than those of many other recreational psychoactive substances. People are generally capable of carrying out normal actions and activities while high.

effects of marijuana

The Effects of Marijuana


  • mood lift
  • relaxation
  • creative, philosophical or deep thinking … ideas flow well
  • increased appreciation of music. More aware of, deeper connection to music.
  • increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell)
  • change in experience of muscle fatigue. Pleasant body feel. Increase in body/mind connection.
  • pain relief (headaches, cramps)


  • general change in consciousness (as with many psychoactives)
  • increased appetite
  • slowness (slow driving, talking)
  • tiredness
  • blood shot eyes
  • mouth dryness (cotton mouth)
  • interrupts linear memory. Difficulty following a train of thought.


  • nausea
  • coughing, asthma, upper respiratory problems
  • difficulty with short term memory
  • racing heart, agitation, tenseness
  • headaches
  • dizziness, confusion
  • paranoia (generally only in inexperienced users)
  • possible psychological dependence on cannabis