Dangers of Marijuana

dangers of marijuana

Beware! The Dangers of Marijuana!

The word you here most often associated with Marijuana is dangerous… Marijuana is dangerous they say it in all the propaganda over and over… but they never tell you why it’s dangerous and to whom it’s dangerous … Marijuana is dangerous to the rich, to the people who run the timber industries, because hemp board and hemp paper is more durable and lasts longer than its wooden competitors..

Marijuana is dangerous to Textile and plastics industries because hemp cloth is cheaper and longer lasting than cotton blends. Marijuana is dangerous to the Lawyers cops prison guards and the rest of the legal system whom would be out of work if not for the flow of Marijuana arrests. Marijuana is dangerous to the big drug dealers who would rather you did crack or heroin… who would be put out of business if marijuana was relegalized. Marijuana is dangerous to the champions of industry, because in it unmotivates the working masses, they get stoned and realize that they don’t have to be the slaves to industry. They realize that the flashy clothes shiny cars and big houses are not going to make them happy. Music love and friends take on new importances.

Marijuana is dangerous to the government.. Why? I knew you would ask… Because of being the safest of compulsions, even safer than overeating, gambling, drinking, tobacco products and hard drugs. Those who have in the past or in the present, partaken of the evil weed represent a majority in this country. Over fifty percent of the voting population admit to having smoked marijuana,at some point… most of the rest lie about it. Is there any question in the mind of the group assembled here today, that if every person who ever took a drag, whether they inhaled or not got behind a single candidate in any election at any level of government he or she would win by a landslide…

But most of all Marijuana is dangerous to the smokers! Not because of health or mental problems but because they become unmotivated politically, sit back as the government continues to escalate the war against its own citizens. All the while those who would be hurt the most by relegalization, continue to collect their fortunes from those of us struggling to survive at the bottom of the food chain…

Written by John Galt Jr.