Be Sensible about Marijuana

Straight Up Facts about Marijuana

  1. There are big differences between the various types of cannabis; some are stronger than others. Experienced smokers feel when they’ve had enough, and are able to stop at that moment. When you smoke for the first time you don’t know your limits yet. That’s why it is important to ask for information when you buy cannabis.
  2. If you have little experience with cannabis, it’s inadvisable to drink alcohol at the same time.
  3. When cannabis is burnt, substances are released which are harmful to your health (tar and carbon monoxide), Moreover, when you smoke cannabis with tobacco, you also run the risks associated with smoking tobacco.
  4. Cannabis influences your power of concentration. Don’t use it at school, at work or on the road.
  5. If you take medicine, it is important to ask a doctor whether you can also smoke cannabis.
  6. Sometimes the effect of cannabis turns out rather badly. It can make you feel sick or frightened. Withdraw to a quiet place and eat or drink something sweet. Don’t panic; you’ll be past the worst in an hour or less.
  7. Don’t use cannabis to avoid problems. If you smoke every day, try to do a few days a week without.
  8. Don’t take any cannabis with you when you go abroad.