How to Make Bubble Hash

What is Bubble Hash?

How to Make Bubble HashThe first time I tried bubble hash I put only a pinch into my pipe because I wasn’t sure how hard it would hit me. Once the bowl was clear, a HUGE grin appeared on my face and I actually giggled. When was the last time you smoked weed and actually laughed? If you’re not familiar with bubble hash, you should be because it’s absolutely incredible.

Bubble Hash was first created by a Canadian hash innovator nick-named “Bubble Man”. He created a sieving system that combines multiple layers of screening bags (Bubble Bags) with ice and water to create the ultimate marijuana resin gland extraction system. The great thing about making bubble hash is there are no chemicals involved.

The cold water and ice cause the resin gland heads on the marijuana plant to become brittle and fall off, working there way through the multiple layers of filtration. What’s left is an extremely potent, and very pure resin. Bubble hash is perfect for anyone who doesn’t wish to use chemicals when processing hash.

How to Make Bubble Hash

First off, making Bubble Hash is incredibly easy! You’ll need a Bubble Bag Kit (original kit, straight from Bubble Man), which comes with everything you need except ice and water.

  1. Start off by lining the included bucket with the bubble bags, putting the 25 micron bag in first, and ending with the 220 micron bag.
  2. Now simply fill the bucket with cold water, about half way to cover the bottom of the bubble bags.
  3. Next the plant trimmings and leaves need to be added!
  4. Once the plant trimmings are in, add enough ice to reach the top of the bucket.
  5. Now the physical part! Start stiring the ice, water and trimming for 15 to 20 minutes. If you find you need to add more ice to keep things super cold, by all means add it.
  6. Next pull out the bubble bags, one by one, letting the water drain into the bucket. After you pull each bag, turn it inside out and collect the hash.
  7. After you’ve collected all the hash, gently press on each one with the screen and a dish towel to get out any excess water.
  8. Once all the newly collected bubble hash is dry, the rest is self explanatory.

Post any questions or comments below! Let me know how your Bubble Hash turns out!