When to Harvest Marijuana

How do you know when to harvest marijuana?

when to harvest marijuanaThe time when to harvest marijuana can be anywhere between 6-12 weeks after the plant starts flowering, then it should be ready for harvest. I know that sounds vague, so we’ll have to look for some visual cues. Look for the white hairs to turn red, orange or brown, and the false seed pods (you did pull the males, right?) to swell with resins. When most of the pistils have turned color, the flowers are ripe to harvest.

The male plants will be taller and have about five green or yellow sepals, which will split open to fertilize the female plant with pollen. The female plant is shorter and has a small pistillate flower, which really doesn’t look like a flower at all but rather a cluster of white hairs. If you don’t want any seeds, just good dope, you should pick the males before they shed their pollen as the female will use some of her resin to make the seeds.

Should I Harvest Early, or Late? What’s the Difference?

If you harvest early, the THC content will be higher, therefore it will produce more of a cerebral “head high”. When a plant is in the later stages of budding, the THC starts to turn into what’s known as CBD. CBD is thought to produce more of a body buzz then THC. The high will be less clear and will sometimes make you feel stupid. So the later you wait to harvest, the more CBD you’ll be smoking.

I would recommend experimenting a little, no I don’t mean you need to find a white lab coat, just try harvesting at different times and “feel” the results. Try and find a balance between the two. When 50-65% of the hairs turn color, it’s usually a good time. The right time to harvest marijuana is up to you.

Don’t touch those buds! Touch only the large fan leaves if you want to inspect the buds, as the THC will come off on your fingers and reduce the overall yield if mishandled.

Harvesting When Growing to Sell

When growing marijuana for the purpose of selling, many growers will let the buds over-ripen, which causes the weight to increase due to the extra resin in the seed pods. Some growers wait far too long, and the THC content is so low it’s hard to catch a decent buzz. If you decide to harvest marijuana late for weight purposes, remember to cut a few buds for yourself. Just make sure you cut from the middle or the top.