Proper Storage of Marijuana

Let assume you just dried a harvest, or you came into some extra cash and bought a ton of weed. It’s going to take time to smoke it all, so you must store the extra. Proper storage of marijuana is critical, due to the fact bacteria will grow on damp buds. Many of these bacteria are quite dangerous, and can cause severe allergic reactions. So let’s play it safe ok?

Jars Method

You will need glass mason (or fruit canning) jars with sealable tops. Place the DRY buds inside and seal. Store the jars in a cool dark place, the fridge if you need to. Keep an eye on your bud for mold. If the bud was completely dry going in, you should be fine. Its been reported that the bud will actually “cure” better using this method, producing some sweet smellin buds!

Freezer Method

To properly use the freezer method, you need to have access to vacuum sealable bags. Its very important to remove all air from the bag because the remaining air could dry the bud, and ruin the flavor. The only downside to this is you may have some squished buds. After placing the marijuana into the sealable bag and removing the air, place into your freezer. The great thing is, mold and fungus will not grow in freezing conditions. When it comes time to smoke, you don’t need to thaw, just blaze away!

The Downside: All plastic bags carry a static charge, which pulls the crystals off your bud and sticks to the plastic. This means you are reducing the potency slightly.

If you know another good and reliable method for drying marijuana, please let me know by emailing [email protected]