LED Grow Lights for Marijuana

A couple of years ago if someone mentioned LED Grow Lights for growing marijuana you’d surely hear a chuckle. Now? Well, this light source is quickly gaining respect as an excellent grow light system.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Using LED’s for growing saves around 80% from your energy bill vs. HPS and Metal Halide. This is a green solution which is not only easier on the environment, but also your wallet!
  • Low Heat. How many times did you forget to raise your HPS light and burn the tops of your plants? LED grow lights emit very little heat. This also means your grow room won’t be so hot, so its easier to control temperature. Your thermal footprint will also be less, providing a more discreet growing experience.
  • LED growing lights have a long life span. Most are rated for 50,000 hours!
  • Wide Spectrum. The LED’s provide the right blend of light to be equally effective during vegetative and budding stage.

LED Grow Lights and Marijuana?

Yep! LED’s are a great light source and are proven to grow marijuana. They are a great inconspicuous way to grow. A 90 watt LED light system has the same output power as a 400 watt HPS or MH bulb! Just by reading the point form info above you can see a clear picture of why the LED Grow lights are great for marijuana.