Germinating Marijuana Seeds

There are 3 things you need to know to correctly germinate marijuana seeds. For a seed to sprout, it needs moisture, darkness, and warmth. If possible, use distilled water because its pure, and free of any chlorination. Bottled Spring water will work as well.

Best Method to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

This method always works for me. Place the seeds in a wet, folded paper towel. Make sure the seeds are in between 2 layers of the paper towel.

Next, put the paper towel on a small plate, and place in a warm cupboard. The seeds must be kept warm to germinate properly, make sure the temperature is between 19°C and 26°C (66°F – 79°F). Now fill up a clean glass with water, and place next to the seeds. I will explain in a minute.

Make sure to keep an eye on the paper towel, you’ll need to make sure it stays moist. When it starts to feel like it’s drying out, take the cup of (room temperature) water you have next to the seeds, and pour a little on. NOT TOO MUCH. You don’t want to fully submerge the seeds, so just a little water. Since you filled the cup before, its now room temperature so you won’t shock the seeds.

Within 48 hours or so, you may start to see the seeds opening up. Next a small white root will appear, indicating it’s time to plant! Handle carefully so you don’t break this root!

Marijuana Seeds Not Germinating?

Be patient. Most seeds will sprout within 48 hours, although some take 72 hours or longer. Just make sure you keep the paper towel moist, and wait. Take a look at the temperature conditions, try placing a thermometer around the seeds to make sure its warn enough (or too warm as well).