Drying and Curing Marijuana

Drying and Curing MarijuanaDo you want great, smooth smoke? Dry and Cure it!

When drying and curing marijuana, you must have patience. The best way to dry the plant is the process of slow drying. Since marijuana leaves are made up of 70-80% water, its quite necessary to dry them before smoking. As a rule of thumb, the slower the better. If you are in a hurry to try your freshly cut buds, I will show you a couple techniques to drying faster below.

The Slow Dry (Curing) Method, Best Way to Dry Marijuana.

Start by finding a good, ventilated space in your house. A cool dark room will work best, although a large closet would work as well. The temperature should be in the low 70′s (20′s Celsius), and air flow is vital to prevent MOLD. Do not use a moist section of your basement. Common sense will prevail here.

Next, drape a string across the room (or closet), from one wall to the other. After cutting each stalk which contains the buds, attach them to the string using a clothes pin, hanging them upside down. This process should take between 1 to 2 weeks to fully dry/cure the buds. You’ll be glad you waited patiently during this stage, because the taste will be much better.

Quick Dry Methods, Quickest Way to Dry Marijuana.

Most new growers will choose this method, I know, you’re excited to try your smoke. Good news is, its possible to dry marijuana faster.

Turning up the heat

Raise the temperature in the room (or space) anywhere from 90° to 110°F (32°C to 43°C). You may need to use a space heater. Be creative with this one, just be careful! This should dry your crop in around 4 days. Some will dry out quicker than others depending on where you located the space heater, so make sure to check them often. Try and use a fan to get the air moving around, this will help against mold.

Using an Oven to Quick Dry Marijuana

Use this method “only” for small amounts, or emergencies. Pre-heat your oven to around 150-175°F, and place a small amount of buds across the grill for around 10 minutes. Although this method works, in most cases the smoke turns out to be harsh. Important: Keep a close eye when oven drying marijuana, if the marijuana “over cooks”, the potency will be lost. We need to gently heat and dry it.

Microwave Steam Dried Marijuana

I have not tried this method, it was reported by a visitor of Concept420. Apparently the smoke is pretty good for a fast dry method. Try only a single bud first for validity. If you try it, be SURE to let me know how it turned out.

What you will need to start:

  • Tupperware container with a lid (that fits)
  • 3 Paper Towels
  • Fresh Buds (cut into small chunks)
  • Water (h20)
  • A Microwave with the ability to change power settings

Put a 1/4 piece of paper towel and put it in the bottom of the tupperware container. Next put all your cut-up weed pieces. Now fold the other 2 paper towels and quickly dip them in water, making sure they are evenly wet. Now squeeze out most of the water, then unfold the towels and place on top of the container. Now place the lid on top and press down all corners except for one, so the steam can escape.

Now we can set the container in the microwave. Set the power to around 40%, set for 1 minute and let it go. Take it out when the minute is up and let it sit for around 20 seconds. If the bottom paper towel is “wet”, change it right away. If the 2 “top” paper towels are wet, get them wet again and pet the lid back on.

Microwave for another minute, and then you must repeat this process for around 4 minutes, or until its dry enough to smoke.

If you know another good and reliable method for drying marijuana, please let me know by emailing drying-marijuana@concept420.com

6 Responses to “Drying and Curing Marijuana”

  1. I use a toaster oven when I am eager to taste my newest. Set the temperature to 250-350, depending on the size for 15 minutes. Rotate and do it again but at 150 and repeat the process. Check the flower periodicity after a few rotations to ensure it doesn’t brown. This method has worked well for me in the past few years.

  2. I have to have patience if i am to enjoy my harvest. 7 months to grow from seed. 5 days of drying, and then 2 months till it cures!! If I I try to rush the process, I will not get 100% of what mother nature has to offer me.

  3. best way wait until it drys naturally

    You have waited this long, a few more weeks to make it the best it can be wont hurt. Trust me I had to learn the hard way(5 times) lol Slow dry, (7-14days atleast)trust me, next time you harvest leave 1 branch out to dry for 2 weeks and then cure it, Bet it’ll be the best. Peace & Nugz

  5. I’ve read that a full cure is 30 days and it can as much as double in potency.(works for me) but for those impatient and willing to compromise taste and high. to get a buzz in the here and now,… poke some holes in a piece of aluminum foil with a pen put it on top of a lamp shade. it will dry fairly quickly so keep close eye on it. if it gets to dry its crap.fyi you have to use an incandescent light bulb 60-100 watt is good.the other way i’ve used does a little better taste wise, but still not really recommended unless its an emergency lol put a few small buds on top of a paper towel on a reg plate in the microwave.dry in very short bursts. no more than 15 sec at a time(8 to 15 sec depending on microwave) watch very very closely. and repeat till dry. allowing about 30 sec in between nuke jobs. the drying process is delayed for a bit so if you don’t wait you’ll fry it on accident. another heads up on this method and why its important to actually watch the process. if you have small quantity of something in the microwave sometimes it wont detect it. also i “speculate” (i can’t say for sure) the metal minerals in the pot it’s self has something to do with this to but it’ll spark and sometimes even catch fire if it isn’t just right so be careful. if you don’t have enough smoke to dry without triggering the “lightning” put about 1/4 cup of water in with it and it’ll stop. best if you don’t use the water if you don’t have to (adds drying time and nuke jobs) but is ok not a real big difference in quality but some. the more times through the microwave the less potency.