How to Grow Marijuana

Concept420 has put together an information guide on how to grow Marijuana. When buying marijuana from a dealer, you have no idea who grew it, how it was grown, etc. When you grow your own marijuana, you can be sure all natural methods are used. Plus, its a great feeling to wake up each morning and take a look at your babies!

Below you’ll find various guides detailing how to grow marijuana. Lighting, hydroponics, LED Lighting, budding, where to buy marijuana seeds, and more will be covered.

Growing Marijuana Basics

Growing Basics

New to Growing Marijuana? Before you start germinating your seeds, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some beginners basics, and the techniques available.

Marijuana Seeds and Genetics

Seeds and Genetics

Get yourself started with a good seed. Something with fairly predictable results.

Want the best seeds available? Check outĀ Buy Dutch Seeds. These guys are the real deal. They’ve been discreetly shipping seeds worldwide in stealth packaging for over 15 years.

marijuana vegetative growing

Vegetative Growth Cycle

This is the stage where the plant endures the most growth. It’s important to provide a healthy amount of light, water and nutrients. Use the guides below for more information.

Budding Marijuana

Budding / Flowering Cycle

The stage where the plant develops “flowers” or buds. That’s the good stuff. Only the female marijuana plant will produce buds.

Harvesting and Storing Marijuana

Harvesting / Storage Stage

Now, you can finally harvest, and reap the rewards of a job well done. Unless you screw this part up of course!

3 Responses to “How to Grow Marijuana”

  1. I’m curious if anyone has been able to duplicate the Mariuana pictured in the Hightimes mags and photos you see online where the leaves and buds are blue and purple and weird looking. i have grown outdoor for 6 yrs and now in my 4th indoor Hydro grow and have NEVER been able to duplicate the look as in the magazines. even though i have spent the money and ordered the expesive seed just like the magazines but all 24 variesties have never turned those colors. all have stayed green. what are they doing that i’m not?

  2. also I forgot to mention that my indoor hydro has been the best quality i have grown and have now decided to stay inside. all the finall smoke was the best ever and the quality was in my opinon fantastic but if i could ad the color that would be cool.

    • most of the photos you’ll see in a hightimes magazine have been enhanced by slight color saturation manipulations to make them look more colorful than they actually are in real life.
      if you have a program like like picasa ,take a pic of your own bud,then play around with the photo edit tools.