Stoner Sounds

The sounds below are .wav files which are old. They can be used for your system sounds on your computer. If you have any you would like to add, please contact me and let me know.

  • Marijuana Sleep (38k)
  • Half Baked 1 (27k) Thurgood: “Now, I don’t do drugs though. Just weed.
  • Half Baked 2 (14k) Thurgood: “What’d you go to weed college?”
  • Half Baked 3 (43k)
    Thurgood: “And your name is?”
    Mary Jane: “Mary Jane.”
    Thurgood: “Really?”
  • Half Baked 4 (82k)
    Mary Jane: “My father is a drug dealer.”
    Thurgood: “Wow, that must have been the shit!”
    Mary Jane: “It ruined his life.”
    Thurgood: “That must have been shitty.”
  • Dime Bag (37k)
    I remember when a dime bag cost a what i mean?
  • Get Stoned (39k) Everybody must get stoned!
  • Beavis and Butthead (83k) Beavis and Butthead Rip a bowl